There is no better view and perspective of Block Island, than from the air. It took me a while to get up there and see that with my own eyes. Every day brings different colors, clouds, ripples of the waves that are visible around the island. All these climate elements, clouds, sun and wind can…
block island lighthouse
lighthouse with starsblock island lighthouse


The first light on the site was built in 1829. The current structure at Sandy Point is the fourth lighthouse built on the site and was made of granite and iron in 1867. The light was deactivated in 1973 and United States Fish and Wildlife Service acquired the lighthouse. The lighthouse was listed on the…
Block Island Ferry docked, storm coming in
Hi-speed ferry leaving Block Island, RIFerry coming to Block Island at duskBlock Island Ferry docked, storm coming in

Block Island Ferry

Block Island Ferry: provides year-round service from Point Judith, RI.  This is the only Ferry that can take vehicles  to the island and reservations for vehicles are required.  Passengers do not need reservations.  For information please visit or call(401) 783-4613. Block Island Hi-Speed Ferry: A state-of-the-art High Speed Catamaran, the high-speed ferry sails mid-May…