“The photographs in my show tell stories of special moments in the triangle of nature, men and universe when energy and magic are merged on Block Island, creating its many moods.

They capture scenes of reality, letting viewers feel that they are experiencing a unique moment. That’s why photography is unique. Moment, scene, and situation dictate

nature and the eye is picturing the magical fantasy and mystic in the uniqueness of

the picture in this Block Island landscape. I offer these photos to you as a visual

testament for your contemplation and joy. As observers, you will no longer

wander alone in your dreams, memories and associations from Block Island.

I hope you’ll be able to feel this fleeting world, feel the fog and sunshine, inhale

its vibrant, moody smell and imagine yourself as being there just like when

you open the door in your home.”

Alex’s commentary is perfectly illustrated by the attached photograph from his show, entitled “Jetty Wave”.

The show will run from July 5-15. An opening reception will be held at the Spring Street gallery on Saturday, July 5th from 5 to 7 PM. Refreshments will be served and Glenda Luck will entertain visitors with her wonderful music on the gallery deck. The Spring Street Gallery is located directly across from the hotel Manisses.

Please join us, all welcome!


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